International Music Competition for "Concert tours to China"

We give musicians the oppertunity to advance in their career. We accept applications for soloist, chamber music groups, ensembles or chamber orchestras.

We provide you concert opportunities at all the major concert halls in China.










Age 18-60:

Group A: Solo instrument

Preferably: piano, guitar, accordion

Group B: Chamber Music Ensemble (including vocal, 2-8 people)

Group C: age 10-17, solo and chamber music ensemble (including vocal, 1-6 people)

If you are a chamber orchestra or choir with around 15-35 people, you are also welcome to apply as a chamber music ensemble, we will have at least one opportunity every year.


Please apply through email with the following materials:

- Please write which category you are applying for in the title of the email. 

Motivation letter (describe your motivation for China Tour)

- CV 

- Photo(s) 

- Video(s): links online, e.g. links to youtube, with total duration ca. 20 min music. 

  (Total duration less than 10min or longer than 28min don't count).

- Repertoire (Full concert programme, with at least 90 min music)

- Receipt of application fee:

Apply as a soloist: 85 Euros,

Apply as a chamber music ensemble: 100 Euros.

  (Bank information written on the bottom of the page)

- It is possible to apply for more than one category.

- Other supporting information (optional), certificate of prizes, recommendation letters, webpage, social media, etc.


We are very happy to have received nearly two hundred excellent applications, not only with high-level of music making, but also with great artistic approach, motivation and experiences. 

We are now very excited to announce the selected soloists/groups, as the winners of our upcoming concert tours: (Following the application order)

Group A: Filip Michalak, Aliya Turetayava, Niklas Johansen, Tong Wang, Olga Artyugina, Marie-Luise Bodendorff

Group B: Oberton String Octet, Duo Meridia, Fortuna, Gidaszewska/Laguniak Duo, Duo Otero, 

                    Tatarstan Chamber Choir, CUORE PIANO TRIO, Urban Piano Quartet

Group C: Sarah Ma 



We hereby postpone all the tours to 2021.

Due to the spreading of the corona virus, and China has shut down the border, as well as the visa service.

Please keep an eye on the news and our website. 

And take care!

As soon as we know any official decision, we will contact you. And please contact us via email  if you have any question