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International Music Competition for "Concert tours to China"

We give musicians the oppertunity to advance in their career. We accept applications for soloist, chamber music groups, ensembles or chamber orchestras.

We provide you concert opportunities at all the major concert halls in China.










Age 18-60:

Group A: Solo instrument

Preferably: piano, guitar, accordion

Group B: Chamber Music Ensemble (including vocal, 2-8 people)

Group C: age 10-17, solo and chamber music ensemble (including vocal, 1-6 people)

If you are a chamber orchestra or choir with around 15-35 people, you are also welcome to apply as a chamber music ensemble, we will have at least one opportunity every year.


Please apply through email with the following materials:

- Please write which category you are applying for in the title of the email. 

Motivation letter (describe your motivation for China Tour)

- CV 

- Photo(s) 

- Video(s): links online, e.g. links to youtube, with ca. 20 min music. 

  (videos less than 10min or longer than 28min don't count).

- Repertoire (Full concert programme, with at least 90 min music)

- Receipt of application fee:

Apply as a soloist: 85 Euros,

Apply as a chamber music ensemble: 100 Euros.

  (Bank information written on the bottom of the page)

- It is possible to apply for more than one category.

- Other supporting information (optional), certificate of prizes, recommendation letters, webpage, social media, etc.


1st/December, 2019. For concert season April 2020 - March2021

You are always welcome to apply in advance. 

We will have leading professors from European conservatories, influential world-wide active musicians and artistic directors from Chinese concert agencies as the competition committee to judge all the application materials. The result will be announced in approximately 2 weeks after the deadline. Application fee will not be returned.   


- For each group, we have 6 prizes with certificates. With possibilities of having multiple prizes. There can also be “no prize”, if the general level is below the standard.

- Only the first 3 prizes will be invited to the China Tour in the coming season.

For the 4th, 5th and 6th prizes are the encouraging prizes, which means you have more potential for the next competition.  

- First Prize winner will be invited for at least 6-10 concerts on the tour, and all expenses will be covered (flight tickets, visa expenses, accommodations, and food on the concert days). Second and Third Prize winners will be invited for at least 4-8 concerts on the tour, with all expenses covered in China, (international flight tickets and visa cost are not included).

- A concert tour normally will be from a week up to 20 days, depending on the agreement from both the winners and the agency. 

- Concert tour will be sponsored by the Nordic Strings Academy, but it can be titled as your own promotion concert tour, or in collaboration with the music festivals. If there are some teaching opportunities, masterclasses, lectures during the tour, you will be sharing the income with the Nordic Strings Academy. 

- Some details will be discussed in the future before sending the contract.

Bank Information:

Nordic Strings Academy

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