Nordic Strings 

Academy Festival 2020

10-17th of February 

Masterclasses, lectures and workshops with Kehan Zhang,

Prof. Tim Frederiksen, Prof. Mo Yi, Prof. Peter Spissky.

Focus on solo classes, chamber groups, baroque ensemble and string orchestra program. 


Opportunity for participating in concerts and musical events.

We help you to prepare for auditions, exams, concerts and competitions, as well as expressing yourself and communicating with others through music. During Summer Festival you have a chance to be part of a unique musical experience with other musicians coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Welcome to Denmark, the centre of Scandinavian music world!


11th Masterclass and workshop, sightseeing in Aarhus.

12th Lecture, rehearsal and masterclasses.      

13th Masterclass and workshop. Concert at RAMA.

14th Masterclass and workshop. Concert at RAMA.

15th Sightseeing in Odense. Masterclass and workshop at RDAM

16th Masterclass and workshop at RDAM. Concert in Copenhagen.

17th Sightseeing in Copenhagen.