Nordic Strings Summer Music Festival 2019

We had guests from Fujian, southern China coming for masterclasses, lectures, salons and concerts. Prof Mo Yi, Tim Frederiksen and Peter Spissky lead workshops and chamber music projects. We did three concerts during the festival. Our honorary president Lars Kolind attended the events.

Masterclasses, Workshops and Concerts

Prof Mo Yi gave a lecture on Bach Solo Violin Works and rehearsed with the students from China and musicians from DKDM for a concert with concertos by Telemann, Vivaldi and Bach.

French violinist Nicolas Sublet was as the guest soloist playing together with Mo Yi for double concertos.

Prof Tim Frederiksen working with our students individually and giving very inspiring masterclasses.

Prof Peter Spissky preparing baroque concert with students and musicians from DKDM.

Lars Kolind communicating with 

young artists after the concert.

Specially thanks to:


Mo Yi, Nicolas Sublet, Tim Frederiksen, Peter Spissky.

Ramez Mhaanna, Panagiotis Nikolakis, Oskar Friis-Hansen, Quinn Frazee, Sabina Kolodziej, Aino Siurua, Dominika Dudek, Isabelle Bania, Kern Westerberg, Cansin Kara.


Astrid Maan Thomsen, Svend-Emil Mouchel Therkildsen, Chad Charlton, Malthe Larsen.

Photo Credits: Chad T. Charlton